Traveling Stanzas offers innovative and creative ways to engage with new voices—whether in a classroom or workshop setting. Through the use of Wick Poetry Center's methodologies, and the experience of our expert staff and teaching artists, we are now offering creative programs that can be accessed across the country at any time. Read on below to see our available lesson plans.

Poetry is the means by which a place comes to know itself. Through our exhibits, we facilitate cross-cultural, intergenerational conversations through poetry and graphic design—offering people of all ages opportunities to share their voices across the divisions of language, age, and culture.


Our educator programs “charge the air,” and offer creative lessons and methods for teaching creative writing.


Unit Plans

Traveling Stanzas is continually releasing new lesson plans and methods for educators in creative writing. These plans are active and participatory. Select one of the available unit plans below to get started.

river stanzas: a collective dreaming of the cuyahoga


Traveling Stanzas community arts projects bring poetry to people’s everyday lives through innovative methods and digital platforms.

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