Poets for Science

Poets for Science is both a special curated collection of poems and a movement created in collaboration with Jane Hirshfield exploring the connections between poetry and science.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, demonstrators around the world participated in a March for Science in a call to support and safeguard the scientific community, fact-based decision making, basic research, and freedom of speech for scientists. Partnering with environmental spokesperson Jane Hirshfield, the Wick Poetry Center joined the marchers at the Teach-In on the National Mall in Washington D.C.


Poetry and science
are allies, not opposites.



Both are instruments of discovery, and together they make the two feet of one walking. We can only weigh the full meaning of facts by how we feel about them. Feelings are meaningful and useful to us because they emerge from the truths of this shifting, astonishing world. Observation and imagination, the microscope and the metaphor, the sense of amazement— you need all of them to take the measure of a moment, of a life.

Poetry and science each seek to ground our lives in both what exists and the sense of the large, of mystery and awe. Every scientist I know is grounded in curiosity, wonder, the spirit of exploration, the spirit of service. As is every poet.


The Special Collection Curated by Jane Hirshfield

Each poem in the Science Stanzas collection was specifically curated to explore the connection between poetry and science. Featured here are a few excerpts of the poems from the exhibition.


Poets at the March for Science

Poets for Science reached a global audience to inspire meaningful discourse at the intersection of science and creativity. The science.travelingstanzas.com website received a diversity of over 1,400 visitors from every continent—including Australia, Mexico, India, Brazil, Libya and Germany. In the United States, the collection was seen by a national audience composed of all 50 states.

With over 100 #PoetsForScience Twitter and Instagram posts, 160 march posters carried, 23 seven-foot banners, and 1,400 website visitors from every state and continent, Poets for Science is just beginning.

Exhibit Design

Traveling Stanzas is beginning to imagine a traveling Poets for Science exhibition featuring the Special Collection of Poems Curated by Jane Hirshfield.


Bring the exhibit to
your community.

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