Spaces Gallery Workshop

Ohio City, Cleveland, OH


Spaces Gallery in Ohio City, Cleveland is a resource and public forum for artists who explore and experiment. In a collaboration with the Oberlin College and Conservatory for the opening “The First 100+ Days” exhibition, Traveling Stanzas joined the “Home Affairs” in hosting an innovative poetry workshop. 

Visitors both read the poetry and responded to its challenges by creating blackout poetry with the digital Emerge App. Adults and children alike were able to reflect and form perspectives on this important social issues through this successful partnership.

Founded by Arzu Ozkal, Claudia Pederson and Nanette Yannuzzi, HOME AFFAIRS is an interdisciplinary art collective focusing on creative projects about a range of issues impacting women’s lives. Participants created poems using the Emerge App, with texts centered around refugees, immigrants, and women, creating a dialogue with the other artworks in the exhibit.

Traveling Stanzas community arts projects bring poetry to people’s everyday lives through innovative methods and digital platforms.

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