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Poetry is the means by which a place comes to know itself. With a major grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, teaching artists from the Wick Poetry Center have engaged refugee and immigrant populations in the Akron, Ohio community in a cross-cultural, intergenerational conversation through poetry and graphic design and have offered people of all ages to share their voice across the divisions of language, age, and culture.

Poetry has an amazing and unique capacity to connect individuals. Traveling Stanzas works towards shaping a better future by inspiring creative and healing conversations in a society that feels increasingly isolated and divided. In 2015, The Knight Foundation awarded a grant to the Wick Poetry Center for the Writing Across Borders Project, which would empower individuals in refugee and immigrant communities in Akron to share their stories through poetry.

The voices of our community.


Traveling Stanzas: Writing Across Borders

Using the newest technology to connect us to one of our oldest technologies—the written word—Traveling Stanzas: Writing Across Borders celebrates the diverse cultural identity of our democracy and will engage a national civic dialogue through the intimate and inclusive voice of poetry.


Through a Knight Arts Challenge grant, Traveling Stanzas has partnered with Urban Vision, the International Institute of Akron, and Project Learn to host poetry writing workshops. Participants then share their poems and stories through video interviews.


Curated Stories

The traveling digital exhibit features poems, illustrations, and videos that showcase refugee resettlement in our communities. At the heart of the exhibit is an interactive touchscreen experience, allowing visitors to browse content.


environmental design

Traveling Stanzas has partnered with Kent State VCD students and a local design studio Each + Every to create a modular environmental design that can adapt to unique environments as it travels the world.


Community Participation

When visitors interact with digital creative tools such as Emerge, Thread, or other analog activities, their voices will be incorporated into the exhibit in a variety of ways—from a scrolling group poem to posted cards printed from the Emerge web application.


Exhibit Engagement

Follow the exhibit as it travels to various cities around the world. With each new location, the interactive exhibit will unite communities around important topics and facilitate civic dialogues through the intimate and inclusive voice of poetry.

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The Chautauqua Institution has partnered with the Wick Poetry Center to create the Chautauqua Makerspace, located in the historic colonnade building on Bestor Plaza.


Over three hundred people visited the opening of the Traveling Stanzas: Writing Across Borders exhibit at Summit ArtSpace. Poets and designers mingled with members of the Akron and Kent State University communities and shared their experiences in Traveling Stanzas workshops. Visitors shared in the power that poetry has to create intimate and inclusive spaces for all to tell their stories.


The Global Education Benchmark Group partnered with the Wick Poetry Center to collaborate in giving voice to attendees at their annual conference Friday and Saturday April 27–28.


The Wick Poetry Center and the Kent design firm Each + Every unveiled the Traveling Stanzas exhibit to a national audience at the AWP conference in Tampa, Florida, in March 2018.

Are you interested in bringing the Traveling Stanzas: Writing Across Borders exhibit to your city? Designed with a modular approach, the exhibit is ready for adaptation to various spaces—whether a library hallway or hospital lobby. With each new location, the exhibit can unite communities around important topics and facilitate a civic dialogue through the intimate and inclusive voice of poetry.


Exhibit Packages

The Traveling Stanzas exhibit is designed for travel and modularity. Learn more about the package offerings Traveling Stanzas can facilitate below. Each item includes references to the diagram above.

No. 1


For small, temporary spaces such as a conference or short term event.

Video of selected Traveling
Stanzas Content

LEARN Temporary Project
Intro Banner, 1–2 Facilitators

Thread App iPad

Illustration Banners

 Emerge App
iPad Stations

No. 2


For medium sized, short or long term temporary spaces, such as a library hallway.

➊ CONNECT Connect App iPad
App with Curated Content

 Project Intro Panel
Installations, 2–4 Facilitators

Thread App and
Temporary Large Scale Screen

 Illustration Panel

 Emerge App iPad
Stations + Community Share Wall

No. 3


For long term custom installations, either temporary or permanent, such as a hospital lobby or museum.

➊ ALL Custom adaptation of the Writing Across Borders exhibit with the Traveling Stanzas staff and a design team; customization of the Traveling Stanzas Digital Toolkit based on need and budget.

No. 4


Formation of an extended partnership to develop Traveling Stanzas workshops, exhibits, and programming.

➊ ALL Design and production of custom designed installations; the production of new digital creative tools; development of programming based on need and budget; design of new workshops and creative content.

Traveling Stanzas community arts projects bring poetry to people’s everyday lives through innovative methods and digital platforms.

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